Saturday, February 9, 2008

#23 Summary

This program was a learning process; in which I learned about RSS feeds, Wikis, Flickr and so much more. I really believe it will be helpful as I continue on with this internship and help me become familiar with Web 2.0. It was very interesting to learn this information and to do the discoveries.

#21 Podcast

Podcast was useful but wasn't all that interesting to me... I think it would be something to work with on time of leisure or search though.

Monday, February 4, 2008

#20 YouTube

This young artist is someone who I grew up with from elementary school who in high school we enjoyed to watch him perform. He's a very talented singer.

#19 Awards List

I would say I would have to go with Arcaplay which I found interesting because I love to play computer games when I am bored or have nothing to do. This website was cool because it highlighted the lastest games, and gave you the rating of some of the games which helped you better decide whether you would like to play that game or not. click on the link to the left to begin having fun.

#18 Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is just as easy to use as any other word processing document I have used before, just as interesting as the rest.

click here :

# 17 Maryland Libraries Sandbox

editing the page in the sandbox was easy so I want to invite you all to my favorite place to visit which is :

#16 Wikis

Wikis are interesting and very cool to work with. You can add on your knowledge on a particular subject or you can be edited by a someone else (which is always not just as long as it is the correct information).

click here to learn about wikis: